Sydney's Urban Forest

sydney trees

Sydney's Urban Forest

JULY 2019

One of my colleagues recently visited Australia and she could not help notice how lovely Sydney and Brisbane where.  Not just the Sydney harbour bridge and Opera house, as they are outstanding landmarks, but these large trees are in the Central Business District to provide green space.

These large trees are the Moreton Bay Figs or Australian Banyan, these trees may reach 60m in height, but it’s the massive trunk with thick prominent buttresses that can reach a diameter of 2.4m.  The foliage consists of huge branches, leaves and their fig fruit.  The fig fruit is consumed by the local wildlife and contributes to the urban eco-system.  These trees provide a much-needed shade in the hot weather, they also provide a lovely green and peaceful surrounding to the busy commercial area.

Its impressive how the Australian people have embraced keeping these trees as features along busy roadway and parkways.  Here is Victoria we continue to value our old tree growth as well.   54 old growth trees now protected, I guess it’s heading in the right direction.  Can you help us find the hidden urban forest of Victoria?