Cottage Country

cottage country forest and path

Cottage Country


You know I never really got why many parts of Canada (and the USA), embraced cottage country.  I had visited family in Ottawa and been up to their cottage, but I never really understood why you would have a house in the city, one in the country and then drive two hours, more or less to get to the cottage by the lake.

It's only recently when I visited family in Toronto for a big wedding that I understood why cottage country.  For me it's the silence and being in the trees, but most of all listening to the loons in the evening, what a great sound, something I never tire from listening.  It's also the coming together of all the family and enjoying your time together, sharing the cooking and a drink on the deck over the lake.

Cottage houses come with all the modern conveniences and also with lovely landscaping to embrace the land.  At our cottage there was these huge rock steps and then a network of steps getting to the water, someone had a very good landscaper to create a way to the lake embracing the landscape and rocks.