Entering Narnia with Bruce Munro

bruce munro lights

Entering Narnia with Bruce Munro


​Montalvo, a story in lights. 

Montalvo Arts Center, located on 175 acres in Saratoga Hills CA, is the location of Bruce Munro’s first exhibition of artworks inspired by a single underlying source text, C.S. Lewis’s Chronicles of Narnia.

“Bruce Munro at Montalvo is the most ambitious, impactful exhibition Montalvo has ever presented,” said Executive Director Angela McConnell. “…we believe this show will elevate Montalvo—and the town of Saratoga—to increased relevance and prestige in the national and international art scene.”

This exhibit showcases the range of Munro's talents.  Not only is there a beautiful garden setting (at night), and a stately manor (now an art centre), Munro adds a well laid out field of light sweeping up to the manor house. 

Beyond the field of light, there are eight more ingenious exhibitions featuring in one, light entangled with recyclable soda bottles and in another, a unique illumination of garden flamingos.  All very distinct from the other two installations we have seen this past year following Bruce Munro around the world. 

Gathering of the Clans is an impressive installation utilizing black lights, and probably the most unique of all is Reepicheep's Wave, an exquisite, complex curtain of ever changing light coupled with an eerie auditory wave that is so fascinating you need to force yourself to look away.