Embracing the Challenges


Embracing the Challenges

MAY 2020

Three months in, and our lives are settling into what is, if not a new normal, an adjusted normal.

This COVID19 pandemic, is teaching us a lot of things, and a lot of what we are learning is how much we have always taken for granted.  Normal seems to be taking on a whole different meaning and while many of us have been happy to self isolate in our cooler weather, now that our summer has arrived I'm pleased the levels of isolation are easing.

Recently, I was lucky enough to go camping in the Cowichan Valley area and enjoy sitting by a camp fire.  With my trusted friends and my dog Skye, we could enjoy the simpler things in life.

I find that I'm eating more and certainly drinking a lot more, but I'm also spending much more time gardening, and I'm mindful that not everyone can enjoy the same freedoms we share here.

Gardens are a peaceful and can teach us a great deal towards understanding this time in our world. They offer us challenges and rewards and a place to talk to our neighbours from a safe distance while keeping the sense of community.
Now I’m embracing the garden, not just designing them and its challenges even though I would prefer to be travelling the world and exploring exotic cities and gardens and experiencing their cultures again.  Roll on the vaccine so we can return to normal and visit family again