The Gardens of Texas

texas arboretum

The Gardens of Texas

MARCH 2019

A world class botanical garden isn’t the first image that comes to mind when you think of Texas. But it’s a delightful surprise to find these two gardens, the Dallas Fort Worth Botanical and the Dallas Arboretum’ its not my first visit to these gardens and my last visit back in late 2018 reminds me just how they have stayed the same over the years.  The garden draws me in with a variety of influences from French to Japanese and Mediterranean areas.

 Even Martha Stewart was impressed by the Arboretum garden and it’s easy to see why.  With numerous water features and the use of scuppers to make an impressive water movement almost like a waterfall.  Then the colonnade of wisteria (which had finished flowering when I visited, but must been impressive), drawing your eye down to the water fountain.

The plants and planting are classical and with a timeless feel of the busy world around us, you can forget about everything and imagine you are home in your safe place and not in Texas.  I cant wait to go again, its one of my truly happy places.