Landscape Design


Landscape Design


It’s hard to believe that it was in 2008 I finished my thesis on creating spaces for people recovering from addictions and in particular my study was on people with alcoholism.  When designing a garden, my focus is always on designing a space with harmony and balance.  Now that I have my own landscape design business I always think about harmony and balance and making the best use of my clients' space.

During these years after my thesis, and now as a landscape designer and architect, what I have learned most, is to listen to the needs of the client. One of the pleasures of designing a garden is visiting nurseries and sometimes I take my clients along so we can get the perfect tree or plants for their space.  

These nurseries are huge with multiple green houses and winding lanes, to me its reminds me of visiting a grown up candy store. I love to see all the different plants.

Landscape Designs take on many faces depending what the client desires, but always, designing any space with harmony and balance creates a life space with function.